Autism Sites is one of five Autism Blogs I have created. This is an effort to record links to awesome websites that are involved in autism awareness.

Here is a little about my other autism blogs.

Autism LightThis blog honors autism heroes and was my first autism blog (the Mother blog if you will). There are over 400 stories that are indexed and linked in a multitude of ways for reference. My goal is to get to 1,000 Points of Autism Light, so the blog has only just begun. I cover a diverse collection of subjects and my style is to be objective and biographical in nature, providing quotes, resources, and encouragement wherever possible, along with plenty of links for readers to do further research.

Autism RestThis is an autism memorial blog about those with autism that have died. My style is to give a short paragraph about the circumstances, quote any tributes I could find, and then to list any links on the Internet I was able to find on the person.

Autism SharesThis blog promotes autism awareness on social media and the people and organizations that are responsible for the sharing.

Autism QuotesThis blog is a simple blog that has a variety of quotes on autism and their sources.

Autism SitesThis blog is a simple directory of links to sites about autism on the Internet.

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